Real Estate Investing Club NYC

Real Estate Investing Club NYC

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Real Estate Investing in the beginning can be very intimidating. The hardest part for me was to actually get myself to take action, I was completely overwhelmed with information. I learned everything from how to find properties, negotiating with sellers, raising money, purchasing creatively (using little money/ no credit), Fix and Flip, wholesaling etc…..It was information overload!

I can’ t speak for others but I found that unless someone was holding me accountable I would let life get in the way whenever I had to do something involving my business, luckily I was introduced to a community of investors that had the same goals and aspirations as I did and the best part they all lived near by and got together in a weekly/monthly basis. Some people might refer to us as a real estate investing club, we like to think of ourselves as a real estate investing community that helps the average person accomplish their goals/dreams of becoming financially independent, successful real estate investors and business owners.

Upon meeting this great community I was introduced to the E.P.I.C acronym – standing for Education, Properties, Income , and Community. This simple phrase has since created a roadmap for not only how I conduct my business but how I live my life.


The only difference between successful real estate investors and those who are not so successful is simply what they have put in between their ears.  As a part of our community you will have access to top of the line education, we have implemented an Instructional System Design (ISD) model to create a college-like education program which has Essential Courses (freshman level courses) all the way up to our Accelerated Investors Training courses (undergraduate courses).

This training is really something that I have not seen available all in one place and the best part is it’s all online and can be viewed from any device and anywhere with an internet connection.


You will have access to real deals! that means you don’t have to be the one actively looking for real estate deals and still have the opportunity to make $$$$$. As a group we can do more, in several occasions we purchase large portfolios from other investors across the country such as 33 properties, 59 properties (this one I have ownership in) and 97 properties portfolio.

This is the power of working with a group of people, I know if I have a good deal that can produce an ROI the funding for it is just an email away and now for those interested in wholesaling properties we have created a cash buying website where you can upload your deal and have buyers instantly bid on them.


There are two ways to make money with us:

1) Apply the training and find good real estate deals that can produce a solid ROI for investors that have the cash to fund your deals.

2) We can compensate you for helping us grow and expand, what you will be doing is enrolling students into our college like real estate training. We can easily hire expensive marketing companies to help us grow and expand but instead our business grows from word of mouth.


I have ran into countless amounts of people that have spent thousands of dollars on different courses that have no local support for their education holders and always tell me “I wish I would have met you and your team sooner”.

This is the reason I decided to create this post to introduce you to the community that has helped me to fire my boss and create a successful real estate investing business. I’m a strong believer of “modelling”, that’s when you find the people that are where you want to be in life , business , spiritually or whatever you’re trying to accomplish and model what they do.

As a community we have different events, on a weekly basis we have study groups for those that are going through their training can ask questions and brainstorm ideas, sort of like a mastermind session.

On a monthly basis we have a real estate investing workshop where we have one of our own train on a particular real estate strategy that you can implement right here in NYC/NJ.

We also like to have fun! we go out on picnics, baseball games, charity events , networking dinners and get to enjoy life.

To learn more about us and what we have to offer register for our free webinar going over the details.




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