What’s the difference between being self employed and being a business owner.

What’s the difference between being self employed and being a business owner.

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When I started in business I had no idea there was a difference between these 2, I thought it was the same thing. I’ve learned in the last two years that I’m not alone in thinking that way so I just want to clear that up for you and hopefully help you leave here today inspired to take action.

Self Employed

To be self employed means that you have created a job for yourself, it’s the same thing as working a job except for yourself. Congratulations! you decided that you wanted to be your own boss and that you want to earn more money for your skills rather than settling for what your boss said you were worth to that company.

All good right? WRONG! what you didn’t realize is that you were also going to be responsible for all the overhead in your business, keeping the books balanced, paying the bills, marketing, public relations, your website, speaking with new clients, retaining existing clients, taking out the garbage and oh yeah everything else that’s needed to run the business.

Business Owner

A business owner has to deal with the same responsibilities however, the business owner has created a system where everything in the business gets done without him or her having to physically be there.

That’s it, that’s the only difference SYSTEMS
The business owner has learned to leverage other people time, energy and effort so that he/her can concentrate on growing the business, keeping employees happy and duplicating that success in another location. Take McDonald’s for example, do you see the owner in there serving you the burgers or in the cash register?

There you have it folks, the only real difference is SYSTEMS which separate the business owner from the self employed. Which side do you want to be in, comment below and let me know!

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