Is your mindset getting in the way of your goals?

Is your mindset getting in the way of your goals?

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Over the last few years I’ve studied what it takes to become a successful business owner / entrepreneur and have come to learn that the most successful people in the world possess one common quality – Their way of thinking “Mindset”


The most successful people in the world possess one common quality – Their way of thinking “Mindset”

It’s not enough to have a great idea, a well thought out business plan, marketing plan and perfect location for your business. You can have all the perfect tools and ideas but if you have a failing mindset your business will also fail. Your clients / business associates will pick up on that as it resonates off  you via body/facial expressions , tonality and attitude.

This last week I attended a two day seminar with four of the top income earners in my company and they all possessed the same mindset: that they can do anything they wanted to do in their business and can accomplish any goal no matter how big the goal was, it was only a matter of time before they accomplished it. WOW, with this way of thinking it’s no wonder they’re at the top of our company.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Woody Woodward from , Woody is a personal coach for business executives and dedicates himself to helping business owners and entrepreneurs to learn who they are internally and then project that confidence into the world and into their businesses, his training was powerful! he taught us that


What are you at the core? You’re a culmination of your thoughts.


What you express to the world is a reflection of how you feel inside, if you have fear and doubts that’s how you’ll show up. Remember that fear is not real, in fact use fear as a motivator and remember that it’s just your brain telling you that it hasn’t experienced that yet and once it does it’ll never fear it again. The easiest way to overcome fear is to attack it, immerse yourself in the actions that your fearful of taking and don’t think about the fear think of how great it feels to accomplish a goal, remember what you think about amplifies in your head, if you continue to think about the fear the fear amplifies!

I’ve struggled with this for years, I let the thoughts in my head stop me from taking action and accomplishing the things I wanted to accomplish. I’ve studied and with the help of my mentors I’ve learned how to overcome those self-imposed limiting thoughts. My strategy is to identify the fear and develop a simple actionable plan to overcome that fear.

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